Support Group – קבוצות תמיכה – אנגלית

Support Group and Social & Mental Strengthening
The group contains women of the entire age range, before, during and after divorce. The group attends to self awareness, dealing with undesired situations, (crisis within the family), elevation of self-esteem, woman as leader in all walks of life, giving, receiving, and the setting of personal boundaries.
The number of participants in a group is 6-12.
Group mentor: A professional Sociologist/psychologist with an additional MA in group leading.
To date, the GRANIT organization conducted approximately 40 groups in the Tel-Aviv, (Gush Dan) Ashdod, Jerusalem and Haifa districts. New support groups are regularly opening, including groups in new areas.
Participation in such group involves fees to cover only the costs only. To join a group you have to contact the organization center Tel: 972-3-5320035. Opening a new group depends on registrations.
Costs and payment procedures:
• Number of sessions – 10 [ten].
• Each session costs 80 Shekel. Payments are made in advance for all 10 sessions, in four installments.
• For registration call telephone 972-3-5320035.
• In case a group will not open, those who already registered will be reimbursed.
Introduction, expectations’ verification, contract, divorce and change
Dealing with lost.
Self image and body image.
My power sources.
The woman psyche and social stereotypes.
Inter-personal communication [boundaries, needs and decision making].
Parenthood, duality and inter-personal relations.

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